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The Mandalorian (Season 1): JB Review

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

One of Disney+'s first originals is already a standout.

Say what you want about the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, it's still had its memorable moments while at the same time shown how it's not easy bringing a entire storyline together; but as we see it go a new direction in the first live-action Star Wars series, the franchise takes itself back to its roots. The show resembles the cinematic scale of the films by bringing a blend of visual and practical settings to its worlds and characters, while also resembling more like that of a western--"Mando" being the lone gunslinger in his travels who could get the job done without even uttering a word.

The bounty hunter, played by Pedro Pascal, travels across areas of the galaxy living by the code of his people. But soon, his next assignment will lead to actions that will have him question what he knows and team with new allies, all as he tries protecting the show's true MVP, The Child. (Yes, I mean Baby Yoda, but true fans would learn he's only referred to as "The Child".)

Even under a helmet worn at all times, Pascal can display a level of personality for this character; whether shown how to handle riding a creature, taking a hit in a fight, or having to be an unlikely guardian, he has that range for one of the show's main focal points. Coming along with that is a strong cast of characters, portrayed such as by Carl Weathers and another intriguing villain played by Giancarlo Esposito. The series as well has one of the best music scores I've heard from anything on television, being from an Oscar-winning composer.

Episodes are helmed by well known directors who I can see share that same passion for the growing universe and bring an attention to detail to each episode, and almost all of them end up strong. In the end of it, it's become a unique achievement for where Star Wars can now go, including on television. A-

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