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Avatar: The Way of Water: JB Review

Updated: Feb 6

Back and bluer than ever.

All right, now we've come a long way since we first visited the world of Avatar and you'd wonder how it can still capture audiences' interest in a time way different from 2009, But rest assured from me that The Way of Water did not disappoint. James Cameron's ambitious vision toward further exploring Pandora's world and lore along with its own eye-catching visual effects still provides for an immersive experience.

We see its returning leads in Jake Sully and Neytiri, and it's explained what happened in the years-long gap between now and the release of the first film. Without revealing too many details, at its main center is a family. Jake & Neytiri are now parents, with their kids playing a major role as well; but when a new yet familiar threat emerges, they form an alliance with Na'vi evolved by the sea which takes the film's title to heart by putting in real underwater sequences.

You wonder Cameron and crew pulled it off because so seamlessly they brought a realism to creating these blue people and landscapes together while including just a thrill ride of action scenes, particularly in its third act. What I also found interesting is its framerate, you can see it jump often from 30 to 120 fps yet I didn't really mind it here because you just become fascinated by Cameron's prowess in film technology and the 3D format, even if the visuals slightly overshadow the story. This is nonetheless though a 3+ hour journey meant to be seen on the biggest screen possible, (Because I mean, if you wait to watch it on your home screen, can it make the same impact? You do you, I guess.) As it only leaves more on the table for its next forthcoming sequels. A-

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