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The Accountant: JB review


Ben Affleck's latest role in a Warner Bros. film is an unusual but interesting line between a crime drama and action. Affleck plays Christian Wolff, a seemingly normal accountant, (title drop) who happens to be a autistic savant in math and rather connect with numbers than people. He also happens to book clients of the criminal organization, while also having some kind of record of his own. The treasury department would start to uncover Wolff's information and past actions, and at the same time a young clerk (Anna Kendrick) becomes involved in his secret life.

I actually find this to be one of the most surprising films of this year, as Affleck's character becomes his own hero post-Batman where he goes through physical and military training by his father despite his condition. The movie itself gives its twists and turns and though it could even come off as ridiculous, I found it ridiculously entertaining. B+

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