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Star Wars: The Last Jedi: JB Review

It's once again Star Wars season, and as crazy as its fanbase can be, (being one myself) and all the product endorsements that continue to promote it, The Last Jedi is a spectacle that will either please its fans or leave them somewhat divisive. So for those who haven't seen yet, I won't go too much into detail, but it's a story where characters will test their limits, during an ongoing war that reaches beyond the stars where these sides would embrace either the light or the dark, but you all already got that, did you?

For one, we have Rey, as it picks up right after The Force Awakens, finding Luke Skywalker on his secluded island where as Rey hopes he will train her using the force, though Luke is however hesitant. At the same time we're centered on the Resistance, who continue to fight against the First Order. That may be all I have to say there, but let's first say how a movie wouldn't be without flaws. There may be a few moments I'm not sure were necessary, such as when involving Finn and a new character named Rose. Now what I've learned later is no film is really perfect, say The Force Awakens which though was a great surprise for many, others felt it copied elements of A New Hope. However, I give it credit for mixing those elements into something new, and for The Last Jedi, it feels quite different for a Star Wars film, it's also the longest film at 152 minutes (2 hours 32 minutes) so there will be a lot going on, but it is also Rian Johnson's film and I praise him for putting that kind of work, detail, and visuals into it.

Now for the upsides, there are amazing action scenes and performances such as Adam Driver as a conflicted villain in Kylo Ren, and of course there's Carrie Fisher, this being her final film and as General Leia, it might have been the best performance of hers I've seen. Above all, this one is worth watching, perhaps more than once. It's not the best Star Wars, but it's pretty close. B+

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