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Ghost In The Shell: JB review


This film, as true fans would know, is from the manga and anime series & now the latest to get the live action reboot. In a plot that's actually a well enough concept, Major (Scarlett Johansson) is a soldier who gets her brain put into a cybernetic body referred to as a "shell" by the most advanced technology, in which her ghost becomes uploaded, hence, a Ghost in the Shell, (Now I get it.) and she becomes the female robocop to hunt down criminals in a future crossed between a cyberpunk Tokyo and the cyberpunk of the cult film Blade Runner.

It has everything you'd want, but probably more if you're a teen who's into that kind of dark sci-fi. I mean, anyone who has seen Westworld would notice similarites where I'm guessing the original GITS is what inspired that, but this is also quite a visual film, I've seen a many CGI-fueled movies yet the kind of art it brings to the city and all makes it stunning. Now its characters however...ok, let's be real on this part: Johansson's casting. Was this really meant for an Asian actress? Did she take the role to also boost the film's star power? I can't say really, with the cast being sort of diverse anyway.

The film in general, some parts seem kind of slow to me, though I really haven't watched any of the original anime yet. But the best thing I can say about it is that it's the best adaptation of an anime we'll get so far. B-

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