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Fantastic Four (2015): JB review


It's been a while, but I will detail another film, with the forgettable reboot of Fantastic Four. The story follows the original characters who are instead boring college kids, including Reed Richards (Miles Teller, who I thought was great in Whiplash), along with his friend Ben Grimm, where as Reed learns of a teleportation experiment as he meets Sue Storm, who's rather adopted by a man & his son Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan, better known from Creed). They soon meet up with Victor Von Doom, as like that's his actual name, then the guys sneak into the teleporter going to an uncharted planet where they become affected, resulting in Reed leaving his friends behind, Sue & Johnny becoming science projects, Ben joining the military as the thing but without pants, and Dr. Doom in ridiculous nuclear skin.

The plot goes on with emotionless characters where their dialogue doesn't even make enough sense.

I read this was really from the film's director having issues with the cast and crew because he had an "original vision" that had to be scrapped. I wasn't mad or anything by how this turned out, but I did feel bad by how we may not take the superhero family seriously anymore. Grade: C-

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