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Allegiant: JB Review


Let's look at the latest release, Allegiant. The third chapter in the divergent series that is actually part 1 of the finale, because one thing we learned about YA novel adaptions is that you always split the finale to two parts just to add more plot details. We follow our heroes Tris and Four along with Tris' clumsy brother, Caleb and arrogant jerk Peter as they cross the wall bordering the ruins of Chicago from the outer world (Which almost sounds like Trump's idea) that now looks like mars' landscape. Then they encounter the bureau of..something, I forgot 'cause I'm still trying to understand this whole series. And that place is headed by Jeff Daniels' character, now part of an all-star cast starting to waste away by the film's amount of potential.

So my point here is the Divergent movies aren't bad, but how it takes itself seriously isn't the same amount as how the audience should, and I already promised myself one more of these and I'm officially quitting these young adult movies, because when you see it, they're pretty much all the same. C+ (P.S. I say Harry Potter still remains the best.)

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