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Alien: Covenant: JB review


We have returned to the universe Sir Ridley Scott brought us with his third time as director and this technically being a sequel to Prometheus, a decent film where its main theme is creation and left some wondering why it was necessary, but Covenant is where it returns to its suspenseful roots, while really having the same amount of decency.

Set at a colony ship called the Covenant, that actually has thousands of members in hypersleep, except Michael Fassbender (As an android more advanced than from the last movie), but a few of them begin to wake up and next thing they get is a stress signal that leads to an earth-like planet they find worthy of colonizing. Poor crew should've thought it was too good be true, as soon as they see what lives in the area, those same mistakes will be made. A lot of them that, if you've been following these movies, seem maybe too familiar. Though it brings nods & similarities from the others, you'd also think, "Are they really just the same movie?" I just thought something new could come to break out of its shell for this generation.

But even so, at his age, Ridley Scott still seems to know what he's doing because we get a well-made looking film with believable characters, chestbursting and backbursting, showing you how those little f--kers like the xenomorph really do grow fast. If you're a true Alien fan, it should leave you satisfied either way. B

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