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Transformers: Age of Extinction: JB review

Hey guys, anyone remember the last transformers film, Age of Extinction? because it's likely no one else does.

It's because the 2014 box office smash also just turned out to be another disappointment with an 18% on rotten tomatoes where you have to watch nearly 3 hours of so many explosions, characters you won't care about, unnecessary quips and a lazy screenplay you would find all so exhausting that around the middle you'd just want it to be over with already. What's interesting is that there will still be more transformers movies after that, with Michael Bay still up to direct the next one, but we can guarantee it's just gonna be the same thing again. Bay may know how to make an action film, (probably doesn't anymore) but if I had to recommend any of these movies it either be 1 or 3. Grade: C-


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