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Thor Ragnarok: JB Review

All right, so how often does anyone favor Thor over other Marvel films? I can't say but we might have just brought out the best of the three films, while it has the familiar formula of an action movie, it also officially claims itself as a comedy.

So first off, we have Thor going back to Asgard after fighting many enemies, he now reunites with his always trickster brother Loki, only then they're informed by their father that the goddess of death, Hela, will arrive. As portrayed by Cate Blanchett, who often plays more like a menacing runway model. At the same time, Asgard will also embrace Ragnarok, which in mythology means the destruction of all things for its land and people. The real adventure begins as Thor ends up in an advanced, trash-piling planet filled with offbeat characters and a gladiatorial match-up with Hulk. (As fans would know comes off the Planet Hulk comics.)

Director Taika Watiti, who came from making indie comedies presented a visual spectacle with the trademark Marvel humor, like would you believe most of the film was improvised? Though it comes to a point where by now, I get it that there's THIS many jokes upon the story of a hero, but whatever flaw it is it can overcome. It reaches that level of Guardians of the Galaxy with its own standout characters like a rock giant named Korg (Who's performed by the director himself), and Valkyrie, a fierce warrior who's also as drunk as Rick Sanchez. Man, with this few of many actors in Infinity War, how long can we expect that movie to be? B+

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