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The Revenant: JB Review


2015's The Revenant, a nominee for best picture, is a two and a half hour long adventure tale to be experienced. Leonardo Dicaprio plays frontiersman Hugh Glass during the 1820's who is mauled by a bear and his hunting group tries to take him to care, only to rather have his son killed and leave him for dead in the cold. Now Glass must limp and travel for miles through cold regions, in panoramic shots by its Oscar-winning cinematographer, to set his revenge on the man Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) whose only goal is to collect more pelts.

Whether you find this sometimes boring or mesmerizing, This shows to be director Alejandro Inarritu's most ambitious work to date along with Dicaprio's most ambitious role which would finally earn him an academy award, and I pay compliments to that. A-

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