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The Mummy: JB Review

Now this is a modern day reboot of Universal's old school film of the Mummy, which sets up a new film series called the "Dark Universe", yet another cinematic universe and being based on classic monster movies. Only this would lead to some viewers wondering, "This is how they wanted to start it off?!"

Here we have Tom Cruise, an explorer alongside Jake Johnson, (who is in some way the comic relief, I guess.) escaping from gunners in Iraq where as Johnson frantically yells, "we're gonna die! we're gonna die!" when they suddenly unearth a tomb, harboring this time a female mummy which can be explained in a backstory. But instead of leaving it alone, they decided to take the coffin on a plane for research, unleashing a curse and Cruise mysteriously surviving a plane crash, soon him and Annabelle Wallis have to get the help from Russell Crowe's Dr. Jekyll (which should sound familiar) to know how to stop this mummy as she makes this movie part of the School of Tom Cruise running away from things.

Honestly, this movie wasn't all that bad, but I think the filmmakers should have seen this less like a franchise-building blockbuster and more like a film with a storyline willing to stand on its own. Like, even in the trailers I could tell it wasn't gonna have the best acting and all, but if we're still to see what comes next, they would have to find what can keep the audience committed. C

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