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The Lego Ninjago Movie: JB review


We have yet another Lego world, now based on one of its own brands of the same name and also a TV series that's been on the air before. So first off, Lord Garmadon is the villain terrorizing a city every day for no particular reason but just for fun, and we have his son Lloyd and because that's already been revealed to everyone, they blame on him for his father's destruction. But he also leads a team of elemental ninjas who take the fight to Garmadon and his army, however Lloyd is so hung up on daddy issues that he has to reveal his identity and then they're both thrust into a journey that would help them bond and find inner peace, which I'm sure is a theme that's been done before.

Unfortunately, this doesn't reach the level of the first two Lego movies. Like, it's not laugh out loud funny, the first act felt a little rushed, like when the Ninjago start battling in the city, it looks kind of cluttered. (Even when they add a giant cat, which is only one of the best parts.) And the film focuses more on the father and son dynamic, where it leaves other characters a little underdeveloped. What I have liked, much like the first two films is that it's visually great to look at, and the voiceovers of Justin Theroux and Jackie Chan may be the standouts, where they just seem to have fun with this.

I think the Lego films are fun, but at this point they may have to slow down a little bit. B-

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