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The Lego Batman Movie: JB Review


If you've been wanting to take a break from dark and gritty superhero films, the Lego Batman movie should be a sign of comic relief as one of the many jokes it provides is to make Batman's ego as big as his film and comic book history. After one of my personal favorite films The Lego Movie became the surprise hit to spawn a new franchise, we see the Lego version of Gotham City overrun by the usual villains lead by the Joker, who wants nothing more than to be Batman's number one enemy, and Batman brings his zany style of action over them all but when Joker brings up a bigger threat, he has no choice but to join up with Robin and Batgirl as Batman learns it takes a team effort.

It's packed with clever jokes and spectacle though you wish it would slow down a bit, yet longtime fans would get every quip, it's still got heart, and a superhero story you won't have to take seriously enough for the whole family to enjoy. B+

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