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The Emoji Movie: JB review


Meh. I think that's how everybody who's watched this movie feels by now. I honestly didn't know what to actually expect going to this one, because making a film about a world in a smartphone that's also relevant to these times doesn't sound like the worst concept, but giving this its many cringeworthy cliches and low-brow jokes would prove us wrong.

So to tell the story short, T.J. Miller's Gene is a multi-expressive emoji in the town of textopolis, (Sure, what other name could be better than that?) which continues the trend of an outcast being the protagonist while everyone else has to be one expression in a forced society thanks to a smiley emoji who has to creepily smile at all times even when she's upset. Now the only option is to delete Gene and him along with High-5 and a hacker named Jailbreak escape to other phone worlds full of product placements that's almost similar to a Michael Bay trademark, and the whole basis for that is so the boy who owns the phone can send an emoji to a girl. Just one emoji. That's pretty much it.

What I often expect from animated films is to not only be funny, but to have a depth in its story and characters, and I didn't see much of it in this one. Like say Gene's parents, who are professional mehs, I thought it'd be funny the first five minutes, but later on it just gets boring. Also, Patrick Stewart voices a poop emoji. Like, come on man, if that came off from Family Guy or something, it be a lot funnier! I'll also recap some of the worst lines and puns used in the movie: "Just doing my duty." "You're too soft, Poop." "We're off to business. What business? Monkey business." "I think you're unique just the way you are." "If I had to choose a password, it'd be the name of a girl I know."

God, even as I write this down I realize how dumb this movie really is, so would kids because they've gotten smarter these days, right? RIGHT?

So to finish it off, the film tried to be like the themes of the Lego Movie, Inside Out, and Wreck-It Ralph, but couldn't catch on to what's already been done better before, so I can't say it's that original either. C-

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