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The Dark Tower: JB review


Here is the latest Stephen King adaption that's of which a book series I personally never read, (among anyone I know other than my mother.) yet after how this turned out, I should really consider reading the original source material. We have a boy named Jake who's basically plagued by visions of a world that is broken and deserted, and uses I think, children's energy for a beam to hit a tall, dark tower, that is holding the universe together. Of course, everyone finds Jake's claims crazy, and it's up until he finds a portal that brings him to that world, then he meets the gunslinger, Roland Deschain, where instead of fighting and shooting monsters right away, he heads to exposition about the film's plot. Though he does get to fight one monster, in the dark, and you can barely see it. You then get Matthew McConaughey shedding the good guy image as the Man in Black, who also goes by a less sinister name, Walter O'Dim. A sorcerer who gives commands just with his voice, like when he tells someone "Stop breathing" in a calm and collective manner, it's almost funny, really. (But to be fair, when McConaughey speaks, everybody still listens.)

I don't know, like if they made it longer than its 95-minute run, it would've added more details to follow, and come on really, this was actually a good concept and from the King, this can't be the first time they screw that up, is it? (Ohhh, right...) I can at least say there's a couple cool shots, like Idris Elba killing a guy from a long distance, and his whole gunfight in the climax, but it's not enough when they join the film's pacing problems. It's also meant to start a film series AND a TV series? Yeah, I probably would see it better as a TV show. C+

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