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The Bye Bye Man: JB review


Well, I say this the first horror film of the new year, and looking back at it, I can notice everything wrong with this movie faster than you can say "the Bye Bye Man". So from the start, you see a crazy man loading his shotgun and killing his neighbors in a couple of extended shots and you think, "huh, I wonder how this is going down?" But the story really centers on three typical collage friends who take over a house that just happens to have a haunted presence, it starts with a room, two small doors, a silver dollar, and wait for it...a drawer! (Yeah, doesn't sound as scary.) A drawer with writing all over, and when this guy finds it say the bye bye man, it unleashes a curse that causes hallucinations thanks to a grim reaper/Slenderman hybrid/ripoff and his CGI demon dog that just looks fake as s--t, and some random train that will just come out of nowhere. Like did it ever mention what the train is for?

Whoever conceived this plot must have been devoted to bringing its biggest horror movie clichés like, leaving a child alone to look in an ominous room, a love triangle between friends, etc. Yet only that along with poor acting and continuity errors result to what even true scary movie fans would think is dumb & raises more questions it doesn't have the answers to. Scary? So far this had to be the funniest film of the year. D+

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