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The BFG: JB review


Let's look at the latest Disney film based on the book from the author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and all those kids' books. From what I remember back in theaters, we have an orphan girl who, in a quiet English town, is whisked away by the big friendly giant to a country of giants who capture and eat children, yet the BFG is a vegetarian so he takes the girl (for some reason) just to hide her and as soon as they become friends, they hatch a plan to rid of the meaner giants.

I've been a big fan of Steven Spielberg's work, but his latest project I felt something was missing, that it just grew thin on story and characters. I mean, even Spielberg missed his mark at some point (Jurassic Park 2, Indiana Jones 4), but this is the world of Roald Dahl we're talking about! Overall, see for yourself but, though I haven't read it, I would also recommend the original book. B-

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