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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: JB Review


I recently seen the sequel entitled Out of the Shadows, which pretty much lives up to its name. The story involves the turtles, still living in the shadows, discovering the Shredder has returned and he hatches a plan with the help of Tyler Perry's mad scientist and a pair of thugs who become a mutated warthog and rhino. Now the turtles, re-teaming with April O'Neill (Megan Fox) along with Casey Jones (Arrow's Stephen Amell), must get OUT of the shadows and stop them from unleashing another dimension to earth led by a grotesque alien called Krang.

More than the first film, this centers on the turtles as much as the humans. I can even say that this is better than the first, though I think it still could have been more. At times the acting can be slow paced, and it has rather cartoonish characters and humor, but overall you can call it good, clean, Michael Bay-produced fun. B-

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