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Teen Titans Go!: JB Review


All right, so here's the thing even I would ask about DC Comics, does it take itself too seriously, or not seriously enough? Really, it varies over time and not always in the same way Marvel handles it. But if DC ever had to go lower, check out this show. Since it premiered in 2013 (and it's been on the air WAY longer than we expected it to be.), I think it's had a fair share of hate by DC fans, and I can see why. If you've seen the original cartoon, it had a good cross between action and storylines, also its own brand of humor and fully realized characters, but it's here that you can't always say the same. I'm not sure if there's a real depth in these characters, instead they were remade to consistently be more annoying and moronic.

On each episode we see the team just goof off in random situations, and for the character's traits, like Robin has to be the short-tempered control freak being the leader, Beast Boy is made to be dumber and constantly use bad grammar, and there's Cyborg--where ironically enough--has more personality on this show than he did in the Justice League movie.

Okay, I know I'm now being harsh on this show like any other internet critic, but I'll admit not everything about it is bad. Every now and then there's a few clever jokes, some that even poke at the show's own expense, and I don't think it has the worst animation. It's only because as its quality goes, not every joke and such lands.

Well, like it or not, the show has reached a popularity rank, and even given its own feature film, like how was that possible? After all that, it made me think: Is Teen Titans Go really still worth the hate? So in the end, it might not be one of my main shows, but let's agree it's just another silly kids' cartoon, which might have been the whole point. C

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