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Stranger Things: JB Review


This series on Netflix has already become one of the biggest hits of 2016, and I've become a fan as much as everyone who was watching. Set in a small town, I think in Indiana (But actually in parts of Georgia), one of four friends goes missing and while half of the town believes he's dead, the three boys would later uncover a bigger mystery. Upon the start we meet a girl who goes by Eleven, head shaven, mostly silent, and has been used as a lab experiment. But for what? that I can't give away. At the same time there is the missing boy's desperate mother and brother who would seek help from a police sheriff, and it leads to a kind of alternate dimension involving a monster.

Anyone who respects 80's culture can enjoy its tributes to Spielberg, Stephen King, & John Carpenter's works, also while it delivers some pretty strong performances. With season 2 coming next year, it will hopefully answer more questions. A-

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