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Stranger Things 2: JB Review

Ok, I would have worked on this earlier, but I take my time with each episode, so I'm not that much of a binge-watcher. But are you ready for this? Here we go then.

We're back in Hawkins, Indiana as the show delivers a groundbreaking new season. With the return of characters that have grown on us into a new storyline, it's one year after the events of last season and near Halloween, and we see the four friends hanging out again such as at the arcade as any kid would. But something still haunts that of Will Byers, something beyond explanation that reaches to a level of post-trauma. It would be up to friends and family to stop this dark presence they can't even always see.

The Duffer Brothers again made it like a love letter to everything popular in the 80s, full of the nostalgia feels, suspense, and humor, as each episode makes some kind of stand-out. (Though maybe not as much for episode 7) and the performances and chemistry between most characters are what hold it up. The visual effects as well improved over last season and results as one of the best looking shows I've seen; of course as it progresses, you're not gonna get answers to every question you'd later only theorize about. But here I thought the season ended on a very well-played note, and whatever it leads up to in the next chapter, I'm willing to hang on for a while. A-

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