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Spider-Man Homecoming: JB Review

Spider-Man is back--again--and officially joins the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), and it shouldn't worry any fans as they made the new Spidey story as fresh as the first film of 2002. If anybody's seen Captain America: Civil War, you already realize how this follows up, as Peter Parker is now mentored by Tony Stark while to everyone else, it's an "internship", but he has to juggle that along with high school as this mainly centers where he's still a typical, relatable teenager. He joins a club, deals with a crush, and is preparing for a homecoming dance. (Hence what the film title might suggest.) Of course you also got your villain in Michael Keaton as Vulture, who coincidently is another winged creature-related character of his. It's now up to Spider-Man with his tech-enhanced suit to, you know, save the day.

This is a version more grounded with John Hughes-inspired vibes, and clever humor that targets what goes in high school and Spider-Man's own witty personality, and Tom Holland is able to fit right into that role along with chemistry with characters new and familiar. Also, if this is the start of another trilogy, we'd hope it's able to breaks its own curse. (you remember Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2, right?) Overall, this makes it a great welcome to Marvel's world. A-
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