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Speed Racer: JB Review

Back in 2008, we were brought a movie that might have been one of a kind, and watching it today, it's actually a lot worse than I remember. Well, not the worst, but it wasn't great either.

As some would know, this was based on the classic anime and from the directors of the Matrix trilogy. It's in a world of high-tech racing where green screen backgrounds look more like they came off the Spy Kids movies, and Speed Racer aims to live up to his late brother's legacy, where as racing is in the heart of the family. Only then that a wealthy car industrialist named Royalton comes in, Who in my opinion, is one of the wordiest movie villains I've ever seen. When Speed turns down the offer of inheriting his business, he enters a grand prix that's a CGI-fest of race car action.

Yes, it is meant to be a spectacle of just that, though you'd also wonder why the filmmakers wanted to make it look THIS much like an anime. But it looked to be the whole point really, as well as having a more family-friendly theme to it, which means some cheesy humor and moments are included while we see John Goodman attempt to fight as Pops Racer, and Speed often stays in such a calm and collective manner he reminds me

Despite all that, it's still watchable. Like it's a cult following kind of movie, and it has some unique visual effects, though they move in such a vibrant and fast-paced style, it could leave someone with nausea and epilepsy at the same time. So join the ride for a film that was released the week after Iron Man, because guess which one was more successful. C+

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