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Solo: A Star Wars Story: JB Review

Here's Solo, which is yet another Star Wars story to tell because since this has become such an expanded universe, Lucasfilm aims to explore as much as possible, such as a few origins. We of course center on the young Han Solo who starts as that same scoundrel we know, only with new guy Alden Ehrenreich at the helm. While forming the character as his own, he attempts at Solo's usual mannerisms: charismatic, aims to be a pilot, and a bit of a cocky attitude. But to get one thing out of the way, he's no Harrison Ford. Now eventually he becomes part of a crew where it becomes more of a heist movie, making up to include Woody Harrelson and Chewbacca as he first meets Han, while he's in the hopes of returning to his first love interest (played by Emilia Clarke).

Director Ron Howard (who's actually the second director to take over the finished film) gives it the look between modern sci-fi and the western adventure films that inspired the saga from the start; this may actually be the best-looking Star Wars film to date, though at the same time a bit dark in its film grit in key scenes. The main cast gives it their all in what's otherwise a more unnecessary entry, such as Donald Glover channeling an inner Billy Dee Williams as Lando. In the end, it's only as good as a spin-off or prequel can get, where as nostalgia and cinematography can be found as its strongest points. So okay--not on that level of the classics, but entertainment that can be found somewhere in the canon. B

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