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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: JB Review

After last year's The Force Awakens and thanks to Disney, we are expecting a Star Wars film about every holiday season now, yet this is the first that they refer to as a "stand alone" film. If you know the original film well, it's said in the opening crawl "rebel spaceships", "plans for the death star", and how that came together unfolds here. It centers on a diverse band of rebels such as Jyn Erso, who tries to uncover secrets about her father, who may be partly responsible for the death star.

I choose not to give a lot away and in truth, it falls short of being a great star wars film, but it crafted a story into a known universe that's more expanded we thought, it as well includes cameos and easter eggs only true fans would notice and they can be some of the best parts to add in movie magic. B+

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