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Passengers: JB review


Here is Passengers, a different kind of sci-fi tale where not everything is that new. It starts with the spacecraft Avalon, storing thousands of people in hypersleep in order to reach another habitable planet, that until a sleep chamber malfunctions. Chris Pratt's character would soon wake up, 90 years before the ship's destination, wondering how he ended up in the situation. It also gives him time to goof off and do whatever he wants until he becomes isolated except to find a friend in a robotic bartender. Poor Pratt is afraid of dying alone, so he decides to wake up Jennifer Lawrence by breaking her chamber without her knowledge. (which now that I think about it, is a rather creepy move, but it's what any of us would do, really.) Then the two create a romantic getaway throughout the ship until the rest of it starts malfunctioning, and it would only be up to them fix it.

This may not be the most original film, say it's almost like a space Titanic, but still a well structured story where there's a few minor things I'd change, yet you'll still care enough about Pratt and Lawrence's characters. B

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