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Mission: Impossible Fallout: JB Review

We're at the sixth film and after spanning for 22 years, this franchise finds ways to keep outdoing itself--and it succeeds at that. Filled with moments of action that make you go "How are they doing that?", it has to be noted how they were performed live and that little CGI is used.

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt and his team are up against a criminal from the syndicate, who was last seen in Rogue Nation, only for a plan to go wrong and are now set on a globe-trotting adventure along with a mustached Superman, whether it's by a HALO jump from a plane, another motorcycle chase, running (as Cruise usually does), or flying a freakin' helicopter.

This became the summer blockbuster I didn't even realize I needed, it's seen clearly that director Christopher McQuarrie insisted on stunts being played in real time while it follows a plot so complex with exposition I couldn't keep up with all of it, but that may be why we watch movies like this more than once. I can feel every punch thrown such as in the bathroom scene, and Cruise literally hanging onto life for our entertainment. I don't know how they can top this one if they'll be another MI film in the future because this is easily the best to date, make it one reason why we still go to the movies. A

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