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Memento: JB Review

Before I get started guys, know that I'm sorry because I haven't reviewed as many films as I should have been. I let myself put it off every now and then. In the meantime, I thought we'd go for a movie of the past.

From acclaimed director Christopher Nolan is one of his earlier, underrated films that is just as thought-provoking. It centers on Guy Pearce's Leonard Shelby, who gets short term memory loss after an incident that left his wife murdered. Yet his inability to create new memories would have to be the least of his problems thanks to more people being involved.

The most interesting theme you'll notice is that the film goes backwards, it's end starts at the beginning, like Leonard has to piece the clues in the story, it would be up to you to piece the movie together. To me, that kind of art is what would get me sucked in, and if you know how Nolan makes a movie, it will leave you with questions though it doesn't give you all the answers. If anybody hasn't seen this, it's okay, I already figured you didn't. Which is why from here I recommend you should. A-

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