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Marvel's Inhumans: JB review


Now Marvel has had a streak with its movies & shows, where it brings out compelling stories, action and breakout characters that's able to please any crowd...and then there's the Inhumans. One of the latest fall shows not only got off to a slow start, it may be the MCU's first real misfire. It takes place in a kingdom hidden on the moon called Attilan, where its people are granted special abilities through genetics and have to hide themselves from society, there's a lot more to it, but may actually be more exciting in the comic books.

You have the king, Black Bolt, with a voice powerful enough to shatter a mountain, but of course for most of the season, he doesn't use it. I understand though that he has to keep a vow of silence in order not to destroy anyone or anything, but it just makes the character boring. We also have his wife and the queen, Medusa, who's named after her long hair in which she controls as an extra set of arms. But guess what? It gets shaved off in the pilot, leaving her only ability to be able to boss people around. (Because you know, the queen.) Others include Karnak, who able to see the future in some detailed way, and Gorgon, who's able to make small earthquakes with his feet that are also horse hooves? Also Crystal, who's able to control elements such as, Lighting? (Wow, looking back these guys make the Fantastic Four less boring.) Speaking of boring, there's Black Bolt's brother Maximus, who so much wants to be king that he sends the group separately to Hawaii, which leads to more unwanted romances than convincing action while we watch Maximus stay in power without actual powers.

This season is only 8 episodes, but unfortunately its buildup underwhelms so often that's when my attention will wander. What would we have expected when it has the same showrunner as Iron Fist? In fact compared to this, we should appreciate Iron Fist a lot more. C-

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