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Logan: JB Review

This is it guys, Logan is Hugh Jackman's supposedly final role as the character, and the film can be summed up in these words: brutal, thrilling, at times funny while also remaining deep. A continuation of the X-Men film universe, but it's also to say that this isn't as much of an X-Men film and Logan isn't as much the Wolverine. He's now beat down and boozy, taking up as a chauffeur while caring for an ailing Charles Xavier. But his job isn't over yet as he finds notorious forces pursuing a young girl (A newcomer named Dafne Keen) who quickly becomes the most badass kid since hit-girl as she shares Logan's same powers and attitude.

Director James Mangold returns to outdo his predecessor, The Wolverine, as Marvel's latest also plays like a traveling western, giving more time for these characters to grow in a story that's as spectacular as it is devastating; and besides being the most violent, it's also compelling. So give thanks to Jackman for all these years as he ends this one with a bang, and a slice n dice. A-

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