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Kong: Skull Island: JB review

Here we have the latest version of King Kong, where his home of Skull Island is the whole center of the film, yet it's set in what they call a "monster universe" along with Godzilla so how this differs from the original story of Kong, I'm not sure. Set around or after the Vietnam war, a group including a photographer, war vets, and scientists plan to find secrets revolving at an island, little do they expect as the plot goes, that it's filled with giant, murderous creatures including the biggest Kong we've seen, as he smashes down helicopters in a slo-mo fashion in what may be the best shot of the whole movie. They may be what make the film work, but the actors are really...just there. You've got an all-star cast and even I can tell some of them are underdeveloped, where the only standouts are John C. Reilly and Samuel L. Jackson still being his Sam L. Jackson self.

Also, how is Loki able to fruit ninja a bunch of winged creatures while only wearing a gas mask? How are Dr. Dre and Eazy-E able to survive situations like a giant spider-crab attack? How much can the future Captain Marvel do other than take photos and then be protected by Kong's hand even while he fights a skullcrawler? Well dang it, it's an action movie and they'll always defy some sort of logic! But seriously, it's not great but has good visuals and that dumb fun action for anyone to see. Though we'd love to see Kong battle Godzilla in the future, I also wonder, Is bigger always better? B-

(Note: This review has been delayed for a while, but I also made this my 50th one, so however I should celebrate, I'm not even sure.)

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