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Justice League: JB review

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Finally, we have the League officially formed for the big screen thanks to director Zack Snyder (and reshoots done by Joss Whedon), and for the most part at least, it works. We get a lighter side of our heroes after the past DC films took a darker turn, which you can even tell looking back in between trailers there were different cuts, and in some ways it might have helped the movie, right?

We see the world still mourning the loss of Superman and Bruce Wayne is still ridden with guilt after the events of Batman v Superman (or the movie itself). Now with Wonder Woman, he decides to build a team of Metahumans whose backstories are however brief, it includes the Flash, portrayed by an enthusiastic Ezra Miller, Aquaman, now given the tattooed rock star look thanks to Jason Momoa, and Cyborg, who, well, definitely appears as that Cyborg fans know best. (Actor Ray Fisher is still new to me, honestly) They're up against the film's big bad, Steppenwolf and his locust-like army, and if it's anything that can be a throw-off, it's not so much him shouting exposition during his evil plan, but how animated it all looks. But look, at this point we've already hit CGI peak, and DC is actually doing the best they can, all right?!

So for one, this film is not perfect, and it's certainly no Wonder Woman, but anyone could see it overcome its own flaws. one that does work is the chemistry between characters, it also shouldn't be that much a spoiler to say that Superman does return but I won't give away how that is exactly. So yeah, I don't know how long the DCEU will last, but it doesn't mean it still won't have potential. B

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