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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back: JB review


Here is Jack Reacher, based on the book series, now a somewhat Mission Impossible copycat, which now gets a sequel no one really asked for, but we would see anyway. So because of a government conspiracy, Reacher is once again on the run (As always in Tom Cruise's films, he runs a LOT.) He also finds an ally in a woman who works for the government after working with Shield in The Avengers. Now they're both on the run, and have to protect a teenager from crooks as Reacher realizes she may or may not be his daughter. It's not all bad but you won't exactly be thrilled, we've seen this kind of action film before, and hasn't really lived up to the first film. I mean, as Tom Cruise movies go, it will have its main cliches, so you decide. B-

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