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It: JB Review

"It" is here, a reboot of one of Stephen King's most celebrated novels, and while I haven't been big on horror myself, I found this to be the most crowd-pleasing kind of horror movie I've seen in a long time, it's also the first adaption in a long time that actually does Stephen King justice.

Set in Derry, Maine in the late 1980's (a decade appropriate for horror films), a group of teens come together among the bad parts of the lives, such as dealing with the worst bullies in town, referring themselves as the losers club. They realize however in this town, children go missing, including one's brother, thanks to the most frightening of all child predators. If you're someone who doesn't even want to see kids get attacked and cursing, well yeah, kids will definitely be attacked and cursing.

What I like about this one is that it doesn't just focus on scares but on characters, its theme is basically facing your fears, which is what they will come to do, and I don't even know the young cast. (Except one who's on a popular show that happens to be influenced by Stephen King stories like this) I also give props to Bill Skarsgard, who's indeed terrifying as Pennywise, embodying him in such a way that he makes the Joker look less insane. I also certainly prefer this over the last King movie which was The Dark Tower, and this is though only the first part of the story, which now leaves me waiting for what comes next. So well done, I say, for giving me chills. A-

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