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Independence Day: Resurgence: JB Review

Here is the sequel we've hoped to see for two decades, and this time--actually, you know what? I don't even care, 'cause I don't how many of you are into movies like this but I may have to give out a more honest review just to point out everything wrong like they would on a Youtube video.

Set in this same year only with more advanced tech, such as earth's defense system crossing from Area 51 to the moon, our heroes include Jeff Goldblum, in his most cliche-est performance possible (among other performances). Also returning are Brent Spiner's Dr. Brakish Okum, who is awakened from a coma by an alien signal (though I don't even remember how the hell he went into a coma unless I watch the first film again.) Bill Pullman as former president Whitmore whose daughter is now a fighter pilot and in another cliche, the love interest of Liam Hemsworth's fighter pilot. You also shouldn't expect Will Smith to appear, because we instead get his son, Dylan Hiller (played by that guy, who was in that one show of sorts.)

Soon, all these people will have to band together to stop an alien army who've brought their ship that covers near half of the earth, as they encounter them with their own weaponry and the action scenes begin with a city falling to pieces, fighter jets vs alien jets, all that CGI bulls--t you were already impressed by with the first film as well as maybe, Star Wars the Force Awakens?!

This film is not all bad, but it's more like fun bad, yet it could have been better, because out of the summer blockbusters, this is the kind that's been done times & times before. C+

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