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Incredibles 2: JB Review

Believe it as after 14 years, we welcome back Pixar's superhero family, and one way to describe it may need no introduction if it's a part of the title. It's set exactly after where the first film ended and we see how superheroes are still illegal, including the Parrs. Only then that Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are brought to a program where they will show themselves again as the heroes they are, yet Elastigirl is chosen for a mission while Mr. Incredible becomes the stay-at-home dad which really shows the role reversal compared to the first.

Like his previous work such as the first Incredibles, writer/director Brad Bird shows a real skill for storytelling in animation. We get to explore more of this world and are introduced to more superheroes, but of course the family dynamic has to play a big part in this, like the Parr kids (Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack) are given bigger roles, as well as carry out the film's funniest scenes.

It's also a great-looking film, reminding you how much Pixar's animation improved over the years, like when it brings out some impressive action sequences, they run in such a smooth and stylized pace you might forget it's still an animated movie. Also, given its villain known as Screenslaver, while not at the same level as Syndrome (first film's best villain), you understand the plan that comes along.

It's movies like this that don't just aim at kids but also adults, maybe it's even aimed more at adults! Even at the age of the superhero genre, this is one that still chooses to stand on its own. A-

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