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Halloween: JB Review

In 1978, Michael Myers stalked into theaters and redefined how we saw Halloween itself, and as I see it today... it's not exactly as terrifying as I thought it be. But back in the day I suppose, it brought a new take on the horror genre.

In a small Illinois town, we have Laurie Strode (OG scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis) hanging with friends while there's an escaped killer who's been institutionalized since childhood. Now unlike a lot of horror films which have had supernatural elements, this tended to stay grounded by putting in what would be like a real-life embodiment of evil, which they're also aiming for in the new Halloween. I also learned that at first, Myers was nicknamed "The Shape", which could be fitting as he's given an emotionless and altered William Shatner mask, (If you never noticed, look it up.) and moves silently whether it's following the teens by car, or going into the house where they're too busy wanting to get laid to notice.

So as I can remember, John Carpenter directs and scores the themes in a way that results in trauma for the characters, I didn't see it as the scariest movie I've seen, but definitely the classic it's become. A-

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