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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2: JB review

Well, it's as someone would always say, another summer, another blockbuster, and you've got the Guardians of the Galaxy, in which they continue with such a retro-styled, CGI-heavy extravaganza, I couldn't take my eyes off it for a minute, and with that, it should safe to say that it's nice to see these a-holes again. This surrounds with the team fighting across the cosmos while still being like a dysfunctional family throwing jokes whether at others or each other, next thing is they have to bring along Gamora's sister, Nebula, and in a turn of events, a man named Ego arrives as he claims to be Peter Quill's father and brings him, Drax and Gamora to a planet he created.

So I won't give out anymore details than that, but while this may not even be as fresh compared to the first, director James Gunn makes it just as fun and epic as possible while also putting more depth in its characters. For most characters you learn more about their past where it was first left unanswered, and that's still part of what builds up a story, of course it's also very funny, from scene-stealing action to lines that would be quotable for weeks, and even manages to get emotional at one point. You also have to stay for what I think is the most creatively made end credits I've ever seen, with five post-credit scenes (Yes, five). So be sure to turn your brain off and ride along with the most fun you'll have in theaters so far. A-

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