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Gods of Egypt: JB review

Now this week, we have a movie that I can't say is a well-put concept. Gods of Egypt is a visually stunning and overdone mess that raises questions I can't even come up with myself. It's set in mythical Egypt, in which a mortal and a god must stop Gerald Butler, now in a villainous role, from ruling over the empire and all its power.


Honestly, this looks more like Clash of the Titans meets the Star Wars prequels, and you'd wonder who wrote this movie. like really, you put one Scottish actor along a few British actors as Egyptians, you think that will make a plot that's been done several times before? Did you know the director had to publicly apologize for their casting choices? I mean, we already had to go through this controversy with the Oscars; haven't we learned anything from Exodus? F--k if I know!

Excuse my french just now, but let's just say I don't understand Hollywood these days.

Anyway as for Gods of Egypt, Grade: C-

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