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Gemini Man: JB Review

Will Smith's latest offering is where he takes on dual roles, and it more or less provides for your time and entertainment. Helmed by Ang Lee and co-written by one of the showrunners of Game of Thrones (No joke, because I just realized after seeing the film), It has Smith as hitman Henry Brogan, who's close to retirement until an organization called Gemini attempts to hunt him down by sending a younger clone who they name Junior. It takes Brogan along with allies (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Benedict Wong) around cross-country from Budapest to Georgia where characters will often dump at the audience a large dose of exposition more than we see cool action.

Now over the years, Ang Lee has proved to be a gifted filmmaker and has shown what he can do with film technology, even toward what's otherwise his weakest to date. There's the de-aging of Will Smith, which actually looks well done, particularly in low light. But seeing how the de-aging effect has been trending in movies now, it doesn't feel relatively new; and doesn't look any better than what they've been bringing to MCU movies or The Irishman. There's also having it filmed at a high frame rate of 120 fps, but whether or not you like motion smoothness, you'd have to see how it works on an effective story.

So the action in this is just fine and there's a lot of good ideas that could be thrown here, but its weak script is what really says otherwise. The film as well have been in development hell since the 90's, which isn't always exactly a good sign. C

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