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Death Note: JB review


So I decided to check out Netflix's live action take on the anime, and yeah, I could see where it becomes a hit or miss, (mostly a miss) yet I found it watchable at the same time. If you're not familiar with it, it's based on the manga and anime series that I've watched, (And still haven't finished at this point, to be honest) About a teen who finds a book drop from the sky and it gives him the power to instantly kill anyone whose name he writes in it. This is of course an American version where the teen is reinvented as Light Turner and is given the book by the god of death, who has the somewhat sinister voice of Willem Dafoe, and compared to how much he's seen on the show, we don't see THAT much of him. Light then uses the Death Note to rid anybody who does wrong, going by the vigilante name Kira, which he also uses to impress a girl and it grabs the attention of a detective named L (Atlanta's Lakeith Stanfield), who only wants to bring him to justice.

Now what I could tell is the director and everyone were at least trying to be faithful with this version in some way, but that doesn't prevent changes, like in the anime Light has a bigger family where in this, he's an only child and with a father. Also in the anime Light kills by giving people a heart attack, where in the movie it's in more creative, final destination-like ways, and there's even a chase sequence that looks more like from a Tom Cruise action film.

So really if you're gonna turn an emo-centric anime into a young adult drama, how much can you anticipate for that? C

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