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Deadpool 2: JB Review

It's so far looking like a great year for superhero movies, and that also goes for everyone's favorite foul-mouthed mercenary, yet he isn't alone for this jam-packed sequel. Once again, Deadpool goes out like a joke-filled hurricane while dicing out baddies across the globe, but the real story starts with him now hitting a vulnerable side. In a turn of events, Deadpool is lead to a powerful teen mutant whom he feels the need to protect, especially when big bad cyborg Cable (Josh Brolin's second major Marvel character) arrives with a different plan.

Of course, there's plenty of jabs Deadpool will aim for, whether it's DC, celebrities, or so much else you could keep up with, yet its other characters are the ones who also stand out. While he was reluctant at first, Deadpool gets to form his own team, and it ends up in such an unexpected and hilarious twist that I can't give it out in detail. Out of them all, Domino is the film's scene-stealer, where her luck-infused powers prove of many uses despite Deadpool claiming "luck isn't a real power".

The writers of the first film return as well as Ryan Reynolds co-writing with them, it only makes sense as Reynolds doesn't hold back and he still kills it in this role. Even if it's somewhere uneven, Deadpool 2 continues on how to bend the superhero genre and how you can't take everything seriously. B+

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