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Daredevil: JB review

We have been watching the Marvel cinematic universe for several years now and how it's expanded through TV, now it's taken over Netflix starting with Daredevil, and it shows the MCU to go deep enough not to look so much as a superhero series but more as a crime thriller. For the first season, it centers on Matt Murdock, blinded since as a kid by a toxic waste which would enhance his other senses, living his life as a lawyer in Hell's Kitchen, NY with his partner/friend Foggy Nelson. Matt's second life is where he is trained in the martial arts by an old, blind master, and at night he would wear all black, covering his eyes in a black mask and hearing the city around him, as he makes his disability his greatest strength. (Really, 'cause he can kick serious ass.) As soon as he fights a reign of criminals, it leads to a crime kingpin named Wilson Fisk.

In season 2, Daredevil finally dons his red suit and has to deal with the most violent bad-ass of the series, Frank Castle aka The Punisher who takes vengeance into his own hands and guns at the enemies while haunted by his family's death. He soon gets caught up with the law though, and Murdock and the crew (particularly Karen Price, who sees the good in him) settle with him in a trial, meanwhile, Daredevil uncovers a plot involving his past such as his former trainer, Stick and former love interest Elektra, and all have to fight a clan of ninjas.

With all this, you can point out all the small easter eggs that go with it, what's left to say is it's one of the best shows Netflix has given overall. A-

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