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Coco: JB review

I've gotta say gracias Pixar, as you've done it once again. As we know for years it's brought heartwarming stories in different worlds, and now into Mexican culture. Centering on a boy named Miguel, who lives in a family line of shoemakers, but instead longs to be a musician and tries to find the mystery behind their ban on music. What he wouldn't expect upon the Day of the Dead is as he takes the guitar of his idol, he's taken into the vibrant and massive Land of the Dead and along that way Miguel meets a variety of characters who show him the real values of family, which might have been a formula we've seen before but there's a few films that could get it right.

This is among the best I've seen from Pixar so far and the most well made visually, like if you felt underwhelmed by Cars 3, there's always a comeback. I couldn't help but remember though that there was a similar movie before called The Book of Life, only Pixar reimagined its theme into their own story, even making it better and making its whole voice cast Latino would make it more authentic. What could also make it more special is when you look at today's political climate, because it would instead have us appreciate the themes it represents. A

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