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Cinderella: JB review


Okay... I wanna admit that I hadn't detailed new movies in a while, so I've been behind on a few. But what's randomly running my mind now is what I thought of 2015's live-action Cinderella.

It's one of Disney's now many remakes and you know how this story goes, young Ella is taught kindness by her mother, who later dies, and her father gets together with Cate Blancett's wicked stepmother and her daughters, after that he dies, then treated like a servant and could only get help from mice (who don't talk like in the cartoon). Then Ella meets the prince who's that one dude from Game of Thrones, fairy godmother, da da da da, happy ending.

This is of course an ideal movie for young girls as it also remains faithful to the classic, though from times we've heard this story before, I asked myself, did Disney really had to remake this one?

But this is overall a great looking film, bringing sets top to bottom that are added with Disney's magic. While predictable, it really wasn't that bad. B

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