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Cars 3: JB review


So we have come to three Cars movies, which shouldn't be surprising when one of its main reasons could be just to build more merchandise, like have you seen how many toys there really are of Lightning McQueen? But you should know I've always loved watching Pixar and even having a liking for Cars, while though it's also been questionable. Yet if it's anything Pixar can do, it's to humanize these talking vehicles. It starts with McQueen still racing to the top while also getting older, which only becomes a problem when new, hi-tech racers join the sport. (I also wonder, How do you tell a car has gotten older when they look the same as from the start?) When he seems to get pushed out, McQueen suddenly gets help from technician and wannabe racer Cruz Ramirez, who among others, is just what he might need to get back to speed and in his game.

Ok, so it's still a planes, trains and automobile-related world and you might see some who'd rather watch anything else from Pixar, but I saw this as more of the classic underdog story, its theme at least is less of the spy genre and more about the sport, bringing it back to its roots. I'll also give it props for its animation as some scenes look almost photorealistic, and its voice cast. It only comes just behind the first Cars, (that is still considered the best) yet this has something that can still keep kids tuned in. B

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