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Blade Runner 2049: JB Review

Science fiction has made some kind of impact throughout the years, taking you to new worlds while giving a real story to tell. The original Blade Runner had a world that would inspire later films, while the movie itself reached a fan following. (I have yet to review the original) 2049 has built bigger than that, and it's become a visual marvel. We have Ryan Gosling's officer K, the latest blade runner in which his job is to track down replicants--advanced and skinned androids who are illegal of some sorts--in a gloomy and dystopic Los Angeles. The city pays similarity to the first, only updated with holograms. you'll also see vast landscapes, all in a rich color and cinematography, it had to be seen on the big screen, and makes it one of the best looking films this year.

Now I won't give out any further plot details but of course Harrison Ford returns as another one of his iconic roles, and he's great along with other performances. Director Denis Villeneuve shows to be one of today's gifted filmmakers, bringing the kind of sci-fi that's not action but a film-noir. It also gave me questions that's the same as when I saw the series Westworld, What really makes us human? What kind of memories are worth keeping? I feel kinda bad however that it didn't reach the success we'd thought it would, like with its runtime being nearly three hours, you'd have to have a great attention span. But if the movie later reaches a cult following, it deserves it. A

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