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Black Panther: JB Review

All hail the king! Marvel's 18th film is not only another exhilarating superhero film, it may have taken a whole new direction of its own. Like Captain America: Civil War where Black Panther made his breakout debut, this seemed to center on how these characters are affected by the actions of these events as much as actual action takes place.

Not long after Civil War, T'Challa takes over his father's throne and deals with pressures as king in his hidden land of Wakanda, Africa's most technologically advanced region, while there are enemies who aim to seek out its most valuable resource. T'Challa will then need a vibranium-induced suit and strong women by his side, such as his inventor sister and Danai Gurira's warrior soldier who would defend for their kingdom while she's not killing off zombies. This offers unique villains which are Andy Serkis's Ulysses Klawe (one of his few non-mo-cap roles) and Michael B. Jordan's Kilmonger, who since Loki, may be Marvel's most three-dimensional kind of villain yet. Where based on his backstory, we would understand his side of the evil plan.

It's kind of amazing really, how Marvel brings directors like Ryan Coogler who started from small projects to bigger films and make them work. However there's something I can't really explain that keeps it from being the greatest, yet it can overcome it. At this point only the MCU could bring in a real black superhero, with a mainly black cast, and it's about time. A-

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