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Avengers: Infinity War: JB Review

It's now been ten years since the first Iron Man kicked off a cinematic universe we at first never expected to be so big that it rules over almost every other franchise, and it all leads to Infinity War which really knocks it out of the park, and with a punch. Consider this the mother of all superhero films while it's also the most ambitious, the fact that they got most characters to stand out in some way in their scenes may be its most remarkable part.

So what I can tell you is, there's a whole new threat, and it's not just in New York anymore but the entire universe now at stake. Let me also tell you that Thanos here is a real villain, he would have to rank up along Loki and Killmonger as Marvel's best to date. it's also movies like this that make the antagonist and his plans in such a unique manner that they can carry the movie as their own. Of course though, this still centers on our Avengers and at a time divided, they now need the help of a web-slinger, a sorcerer supreme, intergalactic guardians, and the king of Wakanda. But if that's enough to stop the wrath that's to come, I can't give away.

It's the third film from the Russo Brothers (after Captain America: the Winter Soldier and Civil War), and their style of action sequences that they've been praised for would be no different here. Of course there's also Marvel's trademark humor that can ease up on a rather serious matter, and at 2 and a half hours giving when the action hits, it would never lose itself in a breakneck pace, and I find that to be a good thing. it's more often now that Marvel tries to top itself with each film, yet it's here that I decided this is one of the best films so far this year. A

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